Third Party API Specialists

Available Immediately – 1 API Specialist

Seamlessly connected third-party systems deliver cost and time efficiencies. Automate workflow steps or entire workflows to banks, financial reporting systems, regulatory bureaus and other business partners. Streamline the process, save time, improve controls and please your auditors. Tritech 3rd Party API specialists implement fully automated interfaces that are secure and reliable, adaptable today and tomorrow and which deliver a peace of mind previously not thought possible.

Tritech API specialists will integrate your insurance applications to Autoplus, MVR's, Hits and other CGI value-add insurance services. They can automate driving record and claims history business rules to map and pass data between CGI and your policy and claims systems. Notably, they have developed heuristic systems which can take word descriptions that translate accurately into your codes. Thereby, further automating the new business process and renewal process. They will also produce the digital paper normally associated these requests in your desired format and then store it where you need it. Our API specialists are extremely familiar with insurance based web services architecture. They have the experience to support fully integrated connectivity with your business and technology partners.

Tritech API specialists also have experience integrating 3rd party platforms for managing all of your documents, correspondence and reports. If you have one or more of these critical information stores anywhere beyond a click away, they can help you centralize the storage and give you access control and audit all the way down to the individual user. Our API specialists have integrated third party digital storage solutions with front-end and back-office insurance systems essentially eliminating the paper and distribution costs while saving companies time and money on everyday business process and workflow efforts. It's time to improve the quality of work life for your employees and distributers.