With more than 20 years of Insurance automation experience, Tritech has delivered a broad spectrum of Insurance Solutions to Property & Casualty Insurers and MGAs of various sizes across Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

The Tritech advantage is the depth of our experience and solutions, bringing a high level of automated insurance expertise through our “GIMS” P&C solution, that enables your business analysts to deploy, maintain and modify, as business opportunities present themselves.

We simplify the complexities of Insurance through our patented SSC (System Support Centre) that enables your experts to design, implement and continually modify your insurance offerings with SSC. Our Clients are able to do what other carriers have to do through more complex software development and deployment.

Our solutions include GIMS (policy, claims, reinsurance, billing management system), POS (Point of Sale System), Document Management System, Content Management System, and our SQL Report Management Portal.

Our Solutions are configurable and flexible which allows our customers to have complete autonomy over automation of all business process and desired functionalities, as driven by their business requirements and the P&C insurance industry.

As market directions change, our solutions allow you to build new products and offerings to quickly take advantage of these opportunities.

We work closely with our customers to ensure success in delivering solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each without compromise. Tritech’s own staff work with you to install and support the GIMS solution, thereby reducing costs and timeframes, as well as reducing risk. We always succeed.

Our team of experienced P&C engineers ensure that the ‘right sized solutions’, offered as ‘In House’ or ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), are designed and implemented with our customers from the onset of the project. We begin with a Model Office that allows your staff to test drive GIMS processing your business and seeing how it can improve your operations and reduce your costs, before making the big decision on a system replacement.



Professional Services

Tritech specializes in Software Development & Outsourcing, Testing Automation, Remote Support and Staff Augmentation and follows proven methodologies and best practices and equips its teams with the latest tools and know-how to help support its customers reach their strategic goals.


Tritech’s rich experience, in both insurance and technology, gives us the expertise to meet the specific needs of insurance companies. With Tritech, you can continue to keep your data secure without incurring the cost of continually updating your Software and Hardware. Let us take care of this so your IT Staff can focus on your business.



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Address: 14 McEwan Drive W, Unit 5, Bolton, ON, L7E 1H1, Canada

Phone: 416-621-2020

Web: www.tritech.ca

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