Document Issuance System

Tritech's Document Management System provides all the necessary components to become self-sufficient in document issuance, and to accommodate future expansion and enhancement of your systems. It provides a fully integrated facility for creation and issuance of insurance or any other documents.

System's highlights:

Produces all document types

  • Policies
  • Applications
  • Quotes
  • Declarations pages
  • Welcome kits
  • Bills
  • Notices
  • Endorsements
  • Renewals
  • Explanations of benefits
  • Agent reports
  • ID cards
  • Claim reports
  • Commission statements
  • Installment schedules
  • Cancellation notices
  • Letters
  • Cheques

Simple and Flexible

  • Forms design does not require programming skills and can be done in MS Word or Visio
  • If your forms & policy wording provider, is producing your content in MS Word, our system allows you to customize in Word to produce the final product, saving time
  • Design changes can be applied immediately or scheduled to become effective at a later time
  • Historical versioning and automatic retrieval of the correct version at print time

High performance output

  • Hundreds of pages per second
  • Supports a distributed pool of high-speed printers
  • Print on-demand and through batch queues
  • Effective usage of Printer Control Language

Produces documents on any media

  • Large and small printers, laser and inkjet
  • Network Port, Shared Directory, ZIP file
  • Email
  • Shared cloud folder (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive)
  • Custom output extensions

Manages large print volumes

  • Directs documents into individual print queues
  • Collates output before printing
  • Barcoding and support of automatic inserters
  • Output routing to remote print centers over the Internet
  • Outsourced print centers
  • Stable operation in limited network bandwidth and high latency
  • Extensive real-time print troubleshooting options available to operations

Content Management


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